3 Lesser Known Benefits of Going Solar

May 15, 2018

The most cited reason for going solar is saving on energy costs – that shouldn’t come as a surprise. Solar power technology has advanced to the point of reducing the demands on the power grid so substantially that electric power providers have had to completely rethink their systems due to increased sophistication in renewable energy production. Beyond the obvious reason to go solar, there are yet other, lesser known benefits that result from making the decision to install solar power generation equipment on a home or commercial building.


To try to give a more complete picture of just how broad the impact of solar power systems are, we’re looking at three lesser known benefits of going solar:



  • Reduced carbon footprint. By relying less and less on grid-sourced electricity, the net carbon emissions are reduced. This is because solar power generation systems like photovoltaic panel arrays don’t produce carbon emissions during their operation, something that cannot be said about coal and/or nuclear power plants. Lower carbon emissions mean a healthier planet overall.
  • Supporting an evolving, progressive industry. Any time a new solar power system is designed and commissioned, money flows to the engineers and manufacturers who make the entire system possible. By participating in the renewable energy industry as a consumer, the entire technology itself is propelled even further.
  • Contributing to the future. In 50 years, we’d like to think that solar power technology will have completely replaced traditional means of generating power. But, to get there, a lot more market adoption is needed. To do your part in this effort, get educated about solar power for your own use, so you can become an example to others, and they can get inspired about changing the future, themselves.



Without progress in the field of energy use, we are doomed to be reliant on inefficient systems that burden us more than they help us. By investing in solar power technology for our homes and businesses, we are doing our part to help make sure that tomorrow is brighter for the ones who will need to navigate the complex world of energy consumption.


Helping customers get the most out of solar power for their unique needs is something we pride ourselves in doing every day. To start the process of having a complimentary energy assessment conducted for you, simply contact Urban Solar and inquire. We are standing by to help you, whether you are interested in solar for your single-family home or large, sprawling business park. Get in touch today and let’s see where we can go, together.