4 Steps Every Solar Project Should Go Through

May 28, 2018

Urban Solar has earned a reputation as being one of the most trusted and reliable residential and commercial solar panel system installers to be found anywhere.


Throughout all of the successful projects we’ve managed to complete for our customers, we’ve identified four steps that every solar project should include. By following these four steps, a long-term, reliable solar power system is more likely to result.


Step #1: Assess the current energy usage and existing electrical infrastructure.  


Before any work can be done to prepare a building for a solar power system, it first needs to be validated as having adequate electrical connections. Confirming the existing electrical infrastructure is crucial to ensuring that the wiring and routing will pair well with what will be installed.  


Step #2: Plan and design the system.


After the building has been determined to be a good fit for a solar power generation system, there then needs to be an engineering plan developed. This is where the team at Urban Solar truly shine; we provide expert guidance in the area of design and planning, giving you everything you need to succeed.


Step #3: Install the solar power system according to the design plan.


Using the plan developed during step two, step three involves getting to work and having the system installed. This step has its very own quality control procedure, which the installers at Urban Solar follow to a ‘T’.


Step #4: Commission the system and follow-up.


When the final breaker is flipped and power is supplied to the building after the solar power system has been installed, the energy savings begin. Regardless of the scale or type of solar power project we take on, it’s always satisfying to see it all come together at the end.


To get started with you very own step one, contact Urban Solar today. We can begin the energy assessment process as soon as today, starting with just a few simple questions. Head over to our contact page – we look forward to hearing from you!