5 Easy Ways To Conserve Energy Right Now

July 14, 2018

Homeowners and businesses worldwide are using solar energy to power all sorts of amazing things. Germany, Italy, China and the United States are leading the pack in solar innovation and development. If solar panels aren’t currently a feature on your home’s roof, chances are they will be in just a few years.


Solar energy is becoming so popular across the globe, an estimated 70,000 panels will be installed every hour for the next 5 years. Who wouldn’t want to generate electricity with the endless power of the sun? As solar powered products become continually more accessible, everyone will use this means of green energy in the future.


Even if you don’t have solar power currently, there are things you can do to contribute to a greener earth and save money in the meantime. Here are 5 simple ways you can start saving your wallet and the world right now.


Use The Daylight

The sun doesn’t just provide harnessed energy for us to use. That fiery ball of plasma also emits light on its own. In an effort to conserve energy, you can simply be more aware of your electricity usage during daylight hours. Opt for natural sunlight and enjoy some bonus Vitamin D.


Upgrade To LEDs

LEDs are wildly more efficient at producing light than incandescent bulbs. LEDs require less watts to operate and put out more lumens, creating a brighter light. LEDs also last up to 50 times longer than your regular incandescents.


Unplug Electronics

Taking a few minutes to walk through the house and unplug any unused electronics is a great way to conserve energy. Many items like handheld devices and household appliances waste an adequate amount. The power being used in standby mode contributes to 10% of yearly household energy.


Use Thermostat Settings

Central heating and air is the convenience of climate control in our homes. You can still enjoy the comfort of air conditioning, without overdoing it in the summer months. Lowering your thermostat just a few degrees has a major impact on your electric bill and energy conservation.


Add Blinds

Windows are a huge factor when it comes to energy waste, and something as simple as covering them up can impact your electricity usage. If you can replace your weatherstripping, or upgrade to energy efficient windows, all the better.


Urban Solar has many more ideas for you on how to save with solar. Contact us today and use renewable resources to power your home or business.