5 Traits of Quality Solar Installations

August 24, 2017

Every now and again, we’ll get a request from a customer to come out and evaluate an existing solar power system to determine if improvements or additions can be made. In the process of conducting this evaluation, we sometimes encounter previously installed solar power equipment that is in disrepair, malfunctioning or simply wasn’t installed correctly.


These experiences with our customers led us to think more about what makes for a quality install, and how good panel installation can make all the difference. This is especially the case two years, five years and even ten years down the road.


Here are five traits of high-quality solar installations:


  1. Sound weatherproofing. One of the biggest reasons why PV panels fail over time is something called ingression. Ingression simply means the entrance of water, dirt or other substances into the solar panel itself or the equipment connected to it. Correct weatherproofing practices during installation can help to stem the problem of ingression.
  2. Post-installation support. This is critical – if you are left without support for your solar system, it is almost certainly going to cause problems in the future that will be costly to deal with.
  3. High-quality panels and wiring. It’s easy to cut corners and select cheap wiring, conduit or pairing inverters. Urban Solar uses only the best available components that fit within the customer’s budget.
  4. Testing before commissioning. Many solar installers overlook this step. It is crucial to load-test the solar power system to detect any faults before they happen later.
  5. Warranteed hardware and labor. Some solar installers will warranty just the panels or just their labor – Urban Solar confidently stands behind both.


When determining what solar power generation system is best for a client, we almost always start with a free energy assessment. If you’re in the market for a solar solution for your home or business, reach out to us. We’re ready to design a solar panel system specifically for you – a system with all of the traits listed here. Contact us today and get the process started with a quick, 5-minute phone conversation.