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Urban Solar’s vision begins with the goal of making solar simple and affordable for everyone. Since 2001, Floridians have been trusting us to provide the resources and knowledge they need in order to achieve their solar power goals. Though our focus on customer service, dedication to meaningful relationships, and passion for emerging technologies, we’ve poised ourselves to be an industry leader that can adapt and grow along with the ever evolving solar landscape.

We provide our build partners with all the tools for success.

Urban Solar has grown from a one-man operation to a multi-million dollar company with a dedicated leadership team and decades of unrivaled craftsmanship. Our team has one goal — to delight each Urban Solar customer. This fuels us as we continue to provide more homeowners and businesses in South Florida and across the country with an outstanding customer experience and the highest quality solar and back-up storage solutions.

Become a Build Partner

Fast Pay

We won’t ever hold your payment unnecessarily. We pay fast, via ACH, upon passing final inspection.


We want all of our installers to have the tools and training needed to be successful and always stay ahead of the curve.


We offer real-time support from dedicated project managers and our service team. You are never left alone, because we’re always here to help.

Work Volume

There is no shortage of work. We keep you as busy as you want to be, so you can grow your business with us.


Our streamlined process ensures you’re never left without what you need to complete a job. All job-site docs are double-checked for accuracy, so you won’t run into issues on the roof.

Build Partner Program

Get the training and technology you need to be successful

We’re constantly on the cutting edge of emerging solar energy advancements — from more discrete and efficient panel designs to rechargeable battery backups that can store power for later use, Urban Solar is always looking for new ways to improve the lives of our customers and service capabilities of our installer partners. This is not limited to equipment and installations, but also the overall operations of the company and our communication and engagement with those we work with and for. We have a dedicated team of specialists to consult and advise our partners and clients throughout installation process…and beyond. No matter the size or scope of a project, Urban Solar provides its partners with the resources and training they need to be successful and delivers customized solar power solutions to our clients.

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Build Partner Program

Our partners influence change

Our dedication to making worldwide solar power a reality has generated partnerships and friendships with some of the energy sector’s biggest innovators. Our success is dependent upon our continued focus on using industry-leading solar technology and innovation, exception client service, and ensuring our partners have access to the information, training and other resources they need to deliver world-class solutions on time and on (or under) budget. Our capabilities list includes project development, design and permitting, procurement, management and construction, utility interconnection and monitoring, among others.

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The Sky is the Limit!

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"From the moment I started with Urban Solar, I felt a sense of kinship and loyalty. They are incredible team players! The energy and spirit at Urban Solar is to learn from those who came before you, and teach those who come after you. Everyone there believes in the greater purpose of working not only as a great team, but also with a lot of integrity. Being able to learn so many different aspects of the job from start to finish in such a short time is the greatest hands-on education one could ask for. To be trusted on the job, to be taught and trained, and then to come out on the other side with so much knowledge is a greater gift. I have never worked for a company that has shown the amount of respect and value for each team member, from the highest-ranked employee to the newest partner, than Urban Solar. The level of organization, mentorship and growth makes me feel like I’m with a professional sports team. Urban Solar is the Google of the solar industry, and we are trained to be winners. The sky is the limit!"

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Great Company to Work With

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"Working for Urban Solar has been a very rewarding experience for me because they have always believed in my potential and support me in everything I do. I am happy and fortunate to work with such a wonderful team every day. I can honestly say that the team at Urban Solar is my second family — my home away from home. Working in an environment like this gives me constant professional and personal growth. In addition to being the best company to work for, Urban Solar is also a great company to work with — consistently receiving 5-star ratings from customers. I have also never had to worry about payment-related issues because they are always up to date. In fact, I have even been paid in advance on occasion."

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Satisfactory Experience

Build Partner based in Florida

"As the owner of a company that has worked with Urban Solar, I can say it is the best experience we've had in years. We are very satisfied with their equipment, and the way they treat their partners is amazing — it feels like one big family!"

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