Our capabilities make
switching to solar easy.

Our capabilities make
switching to solar easy.

Step 1:
Project Development

Different businesses have different needs, and getting to know what your specific solar power requirements are is where it all begins. Whether you have one building, or multiple facilities, the Project Development stage ensures that we thoroughly understand your project and how your business operates—and that you understand the benefits of a solar system. This step is critical to ensuring best possible solar system solution for your business.

Step 2:
Design & Permitting

Once we have finalized your home’s customized solution, we begin the design and permitting phase. We choose the best equipment to maximize your system’s performance and submit schematics to the proper officials for approval. You’ll never have to deal with the stress of getting your system approved by the right people, or worry that it might give you complications later on. Every system we install adheres to the strictest building codes and guidelines.

Step 3:

We source our materials directly from qualified vendors and deliver them directly to our warehouse. Because of our volume of work and quality, we’ve established direct relationships with manufacturers, allowing us to provide your business with the best value possible. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, we focus on getting the right materials and tools for your particular project and budget.

Step 4:
Management & Construction

This portion of our business focuses on the speed and accuracy of your project timeline. Our team orchestrates the entire process, keeping an eye on everything. Every day is critical to us, and we monitor every aspect of a project to ensure it’s finished as fast and flawlessly as possible. This means that you get your solar, and your savings, quicker—without any costly hang-ups or project delays.

Step 5:
Utility Interconnection

We integrate your solar system to the utility grid from start to finish. Our systems are designed to facilitate a complete switch from the utility company, but Utility Interconnection ensures that you’ll never be without power, and enables you to sell any stored power you don’t use back to the grid.

Step 6:

Once your project is completed, our maintenance team keeps an eye on performance via online performance monitoring software. Monitoring is included as part of every installation, allowing you to see what your system is doing for your home, any day, any time. If there is ever an issue, we will be notified immediately and can dispatch a service technician to fix the problem. We keep your system in top shape so you’re benefiting from the savings of solar.