William C. Huff

Urban Solar helped WC Huff reach its goal to eliminate its entire electric bill by installing the largest private installation in Collier County. This solar power system produces enough power to cover 100% of the electricity costs for W.C. Huff Moving and Storage. This project is managed remotely with Solectria’s Solren monitoring service and Urban Solar’s project management and maintenance team. Taking advantage of our commercial financing, they were able to achieve the image they desired for their customers. At the same time, they created immediate cash savings from the PV system while not coming out of pocket whatsoever (100% financing). Non-penetrating attachments along with aesthetically pleasing design produced provided the perfect look without the fear of damaging any of their clients belongings.

System Details

  • LocationNaples, FL
  • System Size137.28 kW
  • System DescriptionQCELLS, Q-Pro-G3 260W (60 Cell)
  • Modules528 Panels
  • Yearly Generation200,428 kWh’s
  • Yearly Savings$22,025
  • Lifetime Savings$803,098