Exciting New Applications for Solar Technology

March 14, 2018

It seems that every year, technology presents us with even more incredible ways of tapping into the power of the sun. Solar power technology isn’t just used for rooftop residential power systems; there are solar panels being installed on commercial buildings, inside windows, on automotive vehicles and even on wearable equipment like backpacks and handbags. In this week’s blog post, we’re going to look at some of the latest and greatest advancements in solar power technology.



  • Solar charging for mobile devices – check out the XDModo solar charger. It adheres to the inside of a sun-facing window so that solar power can be used to charge cell phones, tablets and e-readers. How clever!
  • Solar powered trash cans for cities – Imagine a trash can that uses the power of the sun to compact trash and to send a wireless signal to trash collectors when it’s time to have the can emptied. That’s exactly what the Big Belly Trash Can does! Prototypes are being used today in large cities, to help with containment, recycling and disposal of trash.
  • Autonomous air travel – The Solar Impulse Project aims to spread the message of renewable energy throughout the world by developing and piloting a completely autonomous, solar-powered, commercial-scale aircraft capable of relying entirely on the sun for its propulsion. How long will it be before passenger aircraft start being outfitted with solar panels?
  • Solar powered micro-clinics – Bringing healthcare to third world countries is a monumentally challenging effort. One company is producing a “Clinic in a Can” that can be easily deployed almost anywhere in the world, and it’s powered by an array of solar panels mounted on the top of a shipping container.



In addition to the impressive technological feats mentioned here, there have also been large strides made in the areas of solar panel efficiency. So, what might have been unthinkable yesterday can actually be conceivable today considering how much more can be done with less. Over time, it’s entirely possible that the power of solar power technology will supercede the power of grid-sourced electricity to make our lives more comfortable and less impactful on the environment.


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