Five Benefits Of Solar Battery Storage Systems For Homes

March 7, 2019

Solar battery storage systems are not only considered to be a reliable alternative to our aging power grid systems, but they can also be an effective method in making renewable energy accessible, bridging the gap between the needs of utility companies and their customers. Thanks to advancements in technology, energy storage is playing a major role in regards to spreading the use of solar energy, as a clean and renewable source of electricity, providing homeowners with a continuous flow of clean energy during periods of high demand or at night, when the sun isn’t out. Solar companies in South Florida, like Urban Solar, have been providing a means for homeowners in the sunshine state to use reliable and affordable solar energy.

Urban Solar specializes in the installation of home solar battery storage systems and has been servicing the tri-county area for over 40 years. Our team of solar energy specialists is committed to the future of solar power technology and are dedicated to providing homeowners and businesses with practical solar solutions. Home solar battery storage systems can offer a number of economic and environmental benefits to homeowners in South Florida.


Maximize Energy Savings

Energy storage batteries allow homeowners to maximize their ability to use the electricity generated by solar panels on a day-to-day basis. When you install a solar battery as part of your home solar energy system, you can actually store the extra energy your solar panels produce at home instead of feeding it back into the electricity grid. Ultimately, the more solar energy a homeowner is able to consume, the lower their demand from the grid will be, resulting in significant energy savings.


Reduce Electricity Bills

Saving money on monthly utility bills is one of the main reasons homeowners install home solar battery storage systems onto their property. Energy storage systems have the ability to shift consumption of electricity from expensive periods of high demands when the sun isn’t shining to periods of lower cost electricity during low demand times like during the daytime. Smart technology within the battery dictates to it when energy prices are lower. The battery then charges during these low price periods and releases energy when rates are higher, providing a net saving.


Make Your Home Resilient

Energy storage systems offer an efficient energy source that is more resistant to disruptions because they are able to charge from the electricity grid and provide power during outages. When it comes to emergency backup power, especially for homeowners in South Florida, planning and preparing for inevitable situations is essential. Solar battery storage systems can provide increased reliability and availability than a standalone battery system or diesel generator in the event of a power outage due to a tropical storm or a hurricane.


Help The Environment

Installing a home solar battery storage system can have many environmental benefits for homeowners with helping them meet their sustainability goals. A solar battery storage system reduces demand on an electricity grid, decreasing carbon dioxide emissions and enabling for the use of clean electricity while keeping air quality at a high level.


Easy To Use & Monitor

Home solar energy systems are completely automated, making it easy for homeowners to use. Many energy storage systems offer users the ability to monitor the performance of their battery along with their solar system online. With online monitoring, customers can see real-time updates on their system’s performance, allowing them to see their solar generation, consumption and export, and battery charging status. Homeowners can also see facts like monthly energy and carbon savings.


Solar Companies In South Florida

Urban Solar is one of the most experienced solar companies in South Florida, servicing the tri-county area since 1978. We focus on residential solar projects, providing an outstanding customer experience and the highest quality of solar solutions to homeowners. Our home solar battery storage systems allow homeowners to store unused solar energy generated during the day, to be used throughout the evening and night. If you are a homeowner in South Florida and are interested in reducing your electricity bill, getting the most out of your energy usage and positively impacting the environment, then give us a call at 561-609-2664 to get a free quote.