How Solar Panels Affect the Look of a Structure

February 21, 2017

At Urban Solar, one of the most common questions we get has to do with how a building’s appearance will be physically changed with the addition of new solar panels, as part of an overall solar power generation system. It makes perfect sense to be cautious about how you’re modifying a structure, because after all, real estate often involves a significant investment. It’s perfectly understandable how most homeowners want to be sure they’re not taking away from the value of their property by structurally modifying it.

The short answer to the question of how a solar panel will affect the look of a structure is simple: it’s going to change the way the roof looks. That’s really it – any cabling, inverters, control boxes or ancillary wiring is going to be professionally installed to be clean, organized and, for the most part, out of sight. To be clear, this doesn’t always happen with inferior installers are involved. Urban Solar utilizes industry best practices related to mounting, wiring and commission entire systems that are efficient, safe and relatively removed from the overall profile of the building.

Commercial and residential systems are going to vary in how they are installed. With industrial or commercial buildings, the roofs are often flat and so aesthetics don’t really factor into the picture. Residential buildings are completely different, however, and homeowners are much more conscious of how their home is going to look after the installation work is done. For some, the look of solar panels represents an investment in sustainability, and they don’t mind the modified look at all. For others, they may see the panels as an eyesore to be relocated elsewhere on the building. The latter are few and far between, however.

If you’re wondering about the aesthetics or the pragmatic functionality of solar power generation systems, whether for residential or commercial, contact Urban Solar and learn more about how we can help. It’s not just the panels or the related hardware that makes for a successful project; it’s the combination of great customer service and expert installation that keep our customers happy. Contact us today for a free energy assessment.