Installing Solar on Your Home: What to Expect

March 24, 2016

You’ve thought through the options. You’ve done your research on solar power, and now you feel comfortable enough to start getting quotes from potential installers. You know that having a solar power system will help offset your electricity costs and you have a rough idea of how the technology works, but what exactly can you expect when the time comes to begin the installation?

We’re breaking down the solar installation procedure into three main phases:

  • Energy Assessment
  • Designing and Planning
  • Commissioning

Depending on the complexity of your specific situation, each of these phases can take as little as a day or two or – in the case of large, commercial projects – multiple weeks. Because each customer is different, it’s always best to contact us with your unique information so that we can quote you an accurate cost and timeframe.

With that being said, the first phase – Energy Assessment – typically takes the least amount of time and can be scheduled before any work is committed to and before any purchase is made. Some companies charge for this service; Urban Solar does not. The Energy Assessment is conducted by solar power professionals who analyze the orientation your home has with the sun. Then, they perform calculations that will give you a fair approximation of how much solar power your home needs to offset your electricity bill by X amount.

Also provided with the Energy Assessment is a quote for the labor and raw materials that will likely be required.

Next comes the Designing and Planning phase. During this phase, the solar panel sizes, locations, and orientations are determined. The wiring is diagramed with your existing power infrastructure taken into consideration – this includes specifying the inverters that will be needed and where they will physically be placed on your property. At this point in the process, a general timeframe for the installation will be available.

Lastly, during the Commissioning phase, all of the panels, brackets, wiring, inverters and related hardware are transported on-site and the installation work begins. While it is not required that you vacate the property for the install, it will be helpful to stay in touch with your Urban Solar representative during this time just to ensure that everything goes smoothly. You will be surprised at how quick and professional the Urban Solar installation team is!

After the system has been assessed, designed, planned and finally commissioned, Urban Solar stays by your side to ensure that there are no surprises after the switch is flipped and you begin consuming solar power. Once a solar power system is properly installed, there isn’t much need for ongoing maintenance unless there are damages sustained by the hardware.

Now that you know what to expect when having solar power installed in your home, contact Urban Solar today for your free Energy Assessment!