Life is brighter when
it’s powered by the sun.

Life is brighter when
it’s powered by the sun.

Well-informed homeowners care about two
things: looks and functionality.

Besides savings, appearance is often the most important factor for homeowners when it comes to switching to solar. Urban Solar cares about how it looks as much as you do. We want your system to look its best and last forever—that’s why we use the most superior products and materials available. We work within each customer’s expectations and desires in order to facilitate an installation that they’re comfortable with. Some homeowners don’t want solar panels on the front of their house, and that’s ok! We will also communicate directly with HOAs in order to ensure that your system gets approved.

Solar Frame

Our low-profile rail system provides a sharper look.

Introducing a more aesthetically pleasing solar solution for residential rooftops. Unirac’s SunFrame MicroRail™ offers the same great performance with a subtler appearance. This system utilizes a unique rail-skirt construction, which hides the under-side of the the solar panels—giving your home’s system a much cleaner and more integrated image. On top of that, the pre-assembled parts mean a faster installation time, as well as a more consistent look.

How do I monitor my
solar power system?

Every system Urban Solar installs comes with performance monitoring. Unlike other installers who charge separately for monitoring, we recognize that this feature is absolutely essential when it comes to getting the most out of your investment. Urban Solar will maintain remote access to your system for its entire life on your roof—this includes instant alerts of any errors, as well as weekly production summaries that allow us to ensure your system is working the way it’s supposed to.

Monitor your system with Enphase Enlighten.

We understand that some homeowners want a more hands on, informative approach to solar power monitoring. That’s why we include lifetime Enphase Enlighten access for each of our customers. MyEnlighten is a monitoring experience built specifically for the system owner. Users can see what their system is doing, anywhere, anytime from their phone or computer. By keeping track of energy usage, peak power, and more, homeowners can be even more connected to their solar power investment.

Mobile Energy Monitoring

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