Multiple Solar Attic Fans for Your Home

December 31, 2016

When you think about installing a fan in your attic, you may not think about it being a solar-powered fan that doesn’t rely on your building’s existing power supply. The concept of a solar-powered attic fan works as a cost reducer because it doesn’t require any energy expenditure beyond what it produces by itself by way of it’s integrated solar panel, battery and controller. The solar attic fans that are the most cost-effective are the ones that are installed in homes or businesses that have attics or attic-like zones with high volumes of standing air. Because many buildings have vaulted roofs that require diagonal mounting, some don’t believe that solar-powered attic fans would work for their structure. This is not sound thinking, however. The reason is because solar attic fans don’t necessarily need to be horizontally mounted in order to function, and sometimes the result of a diagonally-mounted solar attic fan is increased energy savings.

The best way to determine if more than one solar attic fan would be a good option would be to look at the air volume that resides in parts of the building that do not benefit from the existing air circulation. For optimal results, knowing the throughput of the solar attic fan you’re considering will help to determine if more than one solar attic fan is needed. Typically, larger buildings need more than just one fan, especially if there are wings of the building that are far from the furnace or A/C unit, meaning air pressure doesn’t build up much in the ducts servicing the area. In many cases, having 2, 3 or even more solar attic fans installed in optimal areas of a building will result in lowered energy costs, as the fans themselves operate without any power being pulled from the electrical system that the building relies on.

Knowing the ins and outs of solar attic fans takes experience and time-tested know-how. That’s where the professionals at Urban Solar can be your biggest resource. If you’re wondering if you could benefit from multiple solar attic fans in your home or business, contact us and let’s get the process started. We can perform a simple, quick energy assessment for you in as little as just a few hours in some cases. Armed with the right knowledge of solar attic fans, you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your particular energy consumption needs.