Off Grid Solar Battery Backup Systems Vs Complete Grid Tied Solar Systems

March 13, 2019

When it comes to solar energy systems, residential and commercial property owners have several options to choose from including off grid solar battery backup systems, complete grid tied solar systems and hybrid solar systems. For many property owners, it can be confusing to understand which solar energy system is right for their home or business. Ultimately, your property’s power needs and average energy usage along with your personal sustainability goals will ultimately dictate which type of solar energy system is right for you.

At Urban Solar, we take pride in educating our customers about solar energy and the types of systems that will work best with their power needs, financial situation and geographic location. Our team of energy experts is dedicated to providing property owners with renewable energy and reliable power sources. Whether you want to decrease your monthly electricity bill or reduce your carbon footprint, we will work one-on-one to guide you through the entire process and help you choose the right solar system for your property.

Off Grid Solar Battery Backup Systems

If you have an off grid solar battery backup system then your property is disconnected from a local power supply and is completely self-sufficient. With an off grid solar battery backup system, you are able to generate enough power on your own to meet all of your property’s energy needs. The way a solar battery storage system works is that any extra solar energy that is generated during peak sunlight hours is used to charge the solar battery. During the nighttime hours or any other time when your solar panels aren’t generating enough power for your energy usage, that battery is used to power your property. The obvious advantage of using an off grid solar battery backup system is that you can eliminate your electricity bill altogether and not have to rely on your utility company. At the same time, if your energy needs exceed your energy supply, then you will have nothing to fall back on when you run out of power.

Complete Grid Tied Solar Systems

As the name implies, complete grid tied solar systems are connected to a local power grid. With grid-tied solar, if your solar panels are not producing enough energy to meet your property’s power needs, then that energy is supplemented with electricity from your local power company. The vast majority of residential solar energy solar systems are connected to the electricity grid. The main disadvantage to grid tied solar systems is that property owners will still get an electricity bill for the energy that they use, but it is important to remember that it will be greatly reduced with the use of solar panels. The flip side to this is that despite weather conditions, how much energy your solar panels produce, time of day or peak energy usage times, you will always have power when you need it.

Hybrid Solar Systems AKA Solar Battery Storage Systems

Hybrid solar systems or solar battery storage systems allow homeowners to have supplemental energy storage through solar batteries while also using electricity when needed. With hybrid solar systems, electricity is drawn from the power grid and energy is also supplemented from one or more solar batteries. Instead of excess energy created by your solar panels being fed back into the power grid, like a grid tied solar system, it is stored in solar batteries for later use like at nighttime. If your property uses more energy than your battery’s capacity allows, then power will be drawn from the grid to provide the rest.

Solar Companies In South Florida

As one of the leading solar companies in South Florida, Urban Solar has been providing simple and affordable solar solutions to Florida residents since 2001. Our team of energy experts not only want to build a solar system that lasts forever, but we also want to design a system that looks good. That is why we use superior products and materials for every solar system installation. If you are a South Florida resident and you want to make the switch to solar, then give Urban Solar a call today at 1-800-387-6527.