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    Find out how much you could save!

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      • Your system starts its day, producing power as the sun rises. If more power is being consumed than produced, your home may draw additional power from the grid.

      • As the day continues, you may end up generating more power than you are consuming. This extra power can be stored for future use, or sent back to the grid where it can be used by your neighbors.

      • After sundown, your home will get power from the grid, or consume solar power that’s been generated and stored during the daytime.

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      are saying?

      • Truly a professional organization from presentation, design, engineering, and permitting through installation. Very competitively priced, but 'head and shoulders' above others in the attention to detail and transparency. Urban Solar's years of experience translate to a happy experience and a very satisfied customer. Our performance numbers work as stated, and our savings are real and easily justified the purchase with a real ROI.

        -Stewart Averett
      • We installed Phase One of our Solar PV project with Urban Solar and are very happy with the installation and our experience. For a large project like ours or a smaller home installation, I recommend these folks. As we continue our Kilo Watt Diet here at Bailey's General Store on Sanibel Island we will look to Urban Solar to install our next phase of the project.

        -Richard Johnson
      • Had a salesman named Jr visit our house recently. He was very knowledgeable and really helped point us in the right direction. We should be cashing in on solar very soon. My husband and I are so excited!

        -Eric Kohronas
      • Great experience working with Urban Solar. Their knowledgeable staff and technicians walked me through the whole process and made sure all of my questions were answered along the way. I've never felt more comfortable working with another company, they truly set the standard for the Solar Industry.

        -Brandon Simeone
      • Wonderful, personable people with attentive care and superb customer service. Urban Solar answered all my questions with additional detail and kept in touch with me through multiple emails and calls. I suggest Urban Solar to anyone who wants a personal touch and professional plan laid out for whatever solar endeavors you have in mind.

        -Lucien Sirois

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