Our mission is to empower home and business owners with the right to choose where their energy comes from.

Urban Solar’s vision begins with the goal of making solar simple and affordable for everyone. Since 2001, Floridians have been trusting us to provide the resources and knowledge they need in order to achieve their solar power goals. Though our focus on customer service, dedication to meaningful relationships, and passion for emerging technologies, we’ve poised ourselves to be an industry leader that can adapt and grow along with the ever evolving solar landscape.

Our rich history of business
is what sets us apart.

Urban Solar has grown from a one-man operation to a multi-million dollar company with a dedicated leadership team and extensive network of sub-contractors, vendors, partners, and shareholders. Our plan helps us continue to grow beyond South Florida by providing an outstanding customer experience and the highest quality solar solutions.

Our partners influence change.

Our dedication to making worldwide solar power a reality has generated partnerships and friendships with some of the energy sector’s biggest innovators.

  • Johnson Controls | Urban Solar
  • Toyota | Urban Solar
  • Mitsubishi | Urban Solar
  • SKANSKA | Urban Solar
  • FPL | Urban Solar
  • Marriott Logo | Urban Solar Partner
  • FAU | Urban Solar
  • Tesla | Urban Solar
  • Lockheed Martin | Urban Solar
  • UCF | Urban Solar
  • conEdison, inc. | Urban Solar
  • Kennedy Space Center | Urban Solar
  • OUC | Urban Solar
  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • U.S. Army | Urban Solar
  • Darden | Urban Solar
  • Tampa Housing Authority | Urban Solar
  • Delaware North | Urban Solar

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