How Solar Benefits the Community Ecosystem

June 8, 2017

A community can come to rely on each other in the same way that rural villages do – everyone acknowledges that serving the good of the whole trumps the good of any one person. Solar power technology has enabled entire communities to come together in a way that is truly unprecedented. With the advent of bidirectional power transactions, homes and businesses that install solar have the ability to sell their power back to the power company as part of a cost savings effort. In this scenario, the home or business owner wins and the power company wins. And yes, the planet wins, too.


But consider this: by installing solar power on your home or business, did you know that you’re benefiting your neighbors, as well? In the demonstration you’ll find on our Solar 101 page, we show how excess power produced by solar energy production systems can be immediately allocated for use by those in the same area, like your neighbor James. Because the power company is always looking for a good deal to buy power, and because you were smart to install solar, James benefits by paying slightly lower rates for his energy consumption. Over time, the cost of the solar panel installation will be roughly 50% of what you would pay for power from the local utility (example: Florida Power and Light).


There are yet more people who benefit from your decision to go solar. Those who work in the solar industry and who have built businesses dedicated to serving the solar power consumer have a lot to gain by being employed to commission new solar panel systems. The engineers, customer service personnel, the sales staff and the administration team all have a vested interest in the successful solar power project. It is their livelihood, after all. Considering how many varied people are positively impacted when someone chooses to go solar, it’s no surprise that investors the world over are taking notice and putting more and more of their capital into solar power research and development.


Consider your own situation and how a solar power generation system would impact your own community ecosystem. Do you think your neighbors would mind if they paid slightly less for their power because of a decision you made to go solar? If the time feels right to get a quote, then contact us and we’ll get to work on one right away. They’re free, fast and guaranteed. Remember to inquire about our energy assessment when you call – we show you how much you can save by installing solar. Get in touch today!