Solar Power and the Home of the Future

August 18, 2018

Did you know that in the United States, there are almost 2 million homes that have solar panels installed on them?

This may sound impressive at first, until you consider the fact that there are roughly 90 million residential homes in the country. What the future holds, however, is a very different picture. The way things look within the residential solar power industry, the home of the future is almost certainly going to take advantage of solar power technology.

In fact, we’re on track to be able to produce upwards of 1 million new solar systems per year. That’s essentially half of the entire amount of currently installed solar power systems – all built and deployed in a year’s time! So, who is going to be the installation and service company that is going to design, install, and troubleshoot those systems? Urban Solar, of course!

Ever since technological developments in solar power began taking off in the early 1970’s, the cost of solar in terms of money and physical resources has been going down. This phenomenon, when combined with increased consumer comfort with the idea of solar, has made for the creation of a multi-billion dollar industry and thousands of jobs for hard-working Americans.

This trend doesn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon, which is why we believe that the home of the future won’t just need solar power equipment – it’ll also need a qualified service company to stand behind it.

When we started Urban Solar, we didn’t necessarily expect the solar power industry to grow in quite the way that it has. Seeing how much potential there still is, however, drives us to add more and more value to the interactions we have, both with residential and commercial customers. This means giving you practical advice and professional guidance every step of the way, so that your final solar power generation system is reliable, cost-effective, and a tangible asset alongside your home or business.

If you’re ready to get on board with the future, then contact Urban Solar today and get started on a completely free energy analysis. We’ll tell you exactly how much money you can save every month using solar; you’ll be amazed at how easy the entire process is. Get in touch with us today!