Is Solar Power Really Worth It?

July 26, 2018

As new forms of renewable energy are introduced into our lives, it begs the question, does solar power really matter? What kind of impact does it have on our homes, businesses and earth? And is all the effort, research and development really worth it? In a word, yes!

Solar power is a versatile energy source with numerous uses and environmental advantages. It’s an attractive alternative to other forms of energy production because it appeals to both our practical and altruistic ambitions. Not only do you see a reduction or complete elimination of your power bill, but you get the good karma from contributing to a healthier planet. Solar power is not only eco-friendly, but it’s surprisingly affordable, especially if you utilize government subsidies and tax incentives. One of the biggest benefits to solar power is that it’s completely renewable. Until the sun burns out, we’ll always have a supply of natural energy.\

Residential Solar Solutions

Solar panels are being added to rooftops left and right, and even just contributing partly to your homes power with solar results in significant savings and planetary benefits. According to the US Energy Information Administration, the electricity we use contributes to over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions.

A solar panel that generates just 1 kilowatt of power helps prevent the consumption of 150 lbs of coal, 300 lbs of CO2, and 105 gallons of water. Solar is used residentially for everything from heating pools to powering holiday lights, and every effort helps. As a bonus, having solar panels on your house also increases resale value.

Commercial Solar Bonuses

Solar power has proven an effective way for businesses of all sizes to reduce operating costs. Financing is available for panels, and the systems can be paid off in as little in 3 years, giving your company up to 40 years of pre-paid electricity.

Solar panels have an excellent return on investment as they’re nearly maintenance free. In fact, most panels come with a 20+ year warranty, providing your company peace of mind that solar will have an impact on the bottom line.

Environmentally Friendly

The advancements and abundant uses of solar power play a big role in fossil fuel alternatives. With the sun’s power, we’re reducing our carbon footprint, by lessening the demand for other sources of energy. The reduction in noxious gas emissions has also improved our air quality, reducing related respiratory and cardio health concerns. If you haven’t made the switch to solar, Urban Solar’s technicians are ready to help you reduce your electric bill and contribute to a healthier earth.