Solar batteries not only allow property owners to back up their homes or businesses in the event of an outage while also reducing reliance on the power grid, but they also make it possible to avoid peak energy charges, helping them save even more money on their monthly utility bill. With solar power battery storage systems becoming increasingly popular among both homeowners and business owners, there are numerous types of solar batteries currently on the market. Choosing the right type of solar battery for your solar energy storage system can be a tricky process but a solar power expert can help you decide which battery is right for your energy needs and goals.

Urban Solar is a Florida solar company that is dedicated to designing and installing solar energy systems for property owners in South Florida. Our team of energy experts will guide both homeowners and business owners in choosing the right solar energy system and solar battery that will not only meet their energy and budget needs but also have a long lifespan.

Three Types Of Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are typically made with one of the following three compositions: lithium ion, lead acid or saltwater. Generally speaking, lithium ion solar batteries are the best option for solar energy storage systems.

Lithium Ion

Some form of lithium ion’s chemical composition is used in the majority of new home energy storage technologies. Lithium ion solar batteries are more expensive than their lead acid counterparts but they also have a higher DoD and a longer lifespan. They are also lighter and more compact, allowing for easier storage.

Lead Acid

Lead acid solar batteries have been used in off-grid energy systems for decades. They are one of the most affordable solar battery options, but they do have a shorter lifespan and lower DoD than other battery types. Lead acid batteries can be a viable option for property owners who want to go off the grid and don’t need a lot of energy storage.


Saltwater solar batteries are a new addition to the energy storage industry. The main difference with saltwater batteries is that they don’t contain any heavy metals but rely solely on saltwater electrolytes. Since saltwater batteries don’t use heavy metals, they don’t have to be disposed of using a special process, instead, they can be easily recycled. They are larger, however, and require more space when being installed.

Get Expert Advice From A Trusted Florida Solar Company

When it comes to the different types of solar batteries for your solar energy storage system, factors like technology, cost, lifespan, and energy needs will determine which solar battery will work best for your property. As solar energy experts that specialize in innovative solar power technologies, Urban Solar is committed to providing both homeowners and business owners with clean sources of energy. We are a Florida solar company that is proud to service the South Florida area. If you are interested in installing a then call Urban Solar at 1-888-387-6527.