Michael Vergona

President / Co-founder

Michael has been in the Florida solar industry since 2009 and received his solar contractor license (CVC56948) in 2013. Before Urban Solar, Michael worked as a project manager on an $8M solar project (SunSmart Schools) which stretched to sites throughout the entire state of Florida. From this experience, Michael gained valuable insight into the how solar works and where it is going – it was truly an eye-opening experience. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to becoming a student of the solar industry and has studied solar policy and the strategies of other successful solar companies. In 2013 he founded Urban Solar with the vision of installing solar on every rooftop in Florida and switching customers from traditional energy to solar energy. Since its inception, Urban Solar has seen double digit growth, year-over-year, and has forged major relationships with companies such as Lennar and GL Homes. He has seen first hand, the explosive growth and changes in the solar industry over the years and he has positioned Urban Solar to take full advantage of the growing solar industry of Florida. His experience allows him to make confident and intelligent decisions for Urban Solar. Michael is a people person. He thoroughly enjoys learning new things, answering questions, and working through unique situations. Before solar, Michael had successful careers at major corporations like Apple, JP Morgan Chase, and Darden.

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