The 3 Most Important Features of Any Residential Solar Power System

November 13, 2019

If you’re a homeowner considering the prospect of adding a solar power generation system to your home, you’ve probably been doing a lot of research.

There is, after all, a lot to know about solar power systems, which ones to avoid, and what types of hardware might work best for you. In your search for information, we thought you could use some guidance from the industry experts—the experts at Urban Solar!

In our years of serving Florida homeowners with high-quality, reliable solar power equipment design and installation services, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve learned as much about how to properly commission a residential solar power system as we have how not to.

So, in this week’s blog post, we’re listing out the three most important features of any residential solar power system.


Feature #1: Durability

Weather in Florida isn’t always mild and sunny. Wind, in particular, can be a serious problem for any structure with exposed electronics like solar panels and mounting rails. This is why durability is so important.

Many of the solar panels and mounting systems we use are rated to withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour, making them stronger and more resilient than the buildings they’re installed on, in some cases.


Feature #2: Unobtrusive, Attractive Appearance

As it turns out, homeowners really like to have homes that look nice. Who knew?

Solar panel and mounting system manufacturers know this, and they are now producing hardware that is low-profile, sleek, and very aesthetically appealing, regardless of the style of the home onto which they’re being placed.


Feature #3: Solar Panel Efficiency

A durable, attractive bank of solar panels wouldn’t be worth a dime if it didn’t do its job by producing reliable, consistent electricity. Not only does a residential solar power system need to be strong and well-designed; it needs to be efficient.

That’s why we use high-power PERC solar modules paired with properly rated inverters and junction boxes that leave nothing to chance. In the design phase of your solar power system, the energy professionals at Urban Solar take the time to ensure that every component will work in perfect concert with everything else, so there are no surprises.


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