The Latest in Solar Cell Development – Actual Fuel!

July 28, 2016

When technology advances at such a rapid pace as we see today, it can sometimes be difficult to find truly remarkable inventions – this is especially the case amid a sea of already impressive scientific progress. But one such example of an astounding feat of science is the recent development of a solar cell that can capture carbon dioxide (CO2) together with sunlight, to yield a fuel that can be physically burned to produce energy.

This innovation in harnessing the power of the sun combines two completely independent methods of harvesting atmospheric potential energy (both in gas and in ionized molecule form). What this may mean for future homeowners is still unclear, because the mechanics of how to integrate such a technology remain fraught with electrochemical details and other problems to solve. Besides, it may be a bit too speculative to say that we’ll all be able to run our cars off the fuel produced by the solar panels on our roofs.

But the researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago who championed this endeavor have high hopes for what their new technology may bring. For now, the finding is being viewed as a significant step towards true energy independence, which means that we here at Urban Solar are taking note of it. When the day comes that we’ll be able to offer you a solar panel that can produce electricity as well as camp stove fuel, rest assured that we’ll be the first residential solar power system installer for the job!

Even though it’s fun to try to anticipate what the future may bring us in the way of solar power technology, we know that customer expectations are steeped in reality, not science fiction fantasy. So contact us today to get started on a complimentary energy assessment for your home or business.