The Top 3 Insights from Solar Monitoring Solutions

March 4, 2020

Did you know that high-quality solar power equipment (panels, inverters, mounting equipment, etc.) and expert installation are only part of the value proposition of solar power?

There is an entirely separate—yet critically important—component part of any commercial or residential solar power system. That component is the monitoring system. Solar power monitoring systems provide owners with numerous, real-time performance metrics that can be used to better understand where and when the system is performing well, as well as what changes or maintenance might be needed.

One of the most powerful solar monitoring solutions on the market today is Enphase’s Enlighten solar monitoring product. In this post, we’re going to share with you the top three insights that can be obtained by using this marvel of modern technology to monitor your solar power generation system.

Insight #1: Amount of Electricity Generated from Solar vs. Grid-Sourced

When you’re able to see exactly how much electricity your solar panels are producing compared with the amount of total electricity your home or business is consuming, you’re getting ‘proof in the pudding’ ROI on your solar investment.

Also, because Enphase Enlighten keeps a running trend of solar power production, you can see over time how much electricity your system is producing.

Insight #2: String-Level Panel Performance

When solar panels are installed in parallel or in series, they’re often considered part of a ‘string’ that terminates at an inverter. Because Enphase Enlighten is able to smartly monitor the power production data coming off the solar panel strings, you’re able to see granular equipment efficiency information as it changes throughout the day.

Insight #3: Detailed, Actionable Reports

One of the most useful features of Enphase Enlighten is the ability to run custom reports. These reports can give you time-adjusted system performance information you can use to make decisions about how to best manage the energy consumption of your home or commercial property.

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