Thermal Solar Systems Make Heated Pools Budget-Friendly

March 14, 2016

Ahhh…a heated pool. Is there anything else quite like it? It’s welcoming, luxurious and relaxing.

There is also a significant health-and-wellness consideration to be made regarding heated pools. The health benefits of warm water on the body has been known for centuries. Warm water provides soothing relief from symptoms related to arthritis and other joint- and bone-related maladies. It also increases circulation of blood, which often results in decreased inflammation of muscles and other tissues. It’s clear that regularly soaking in a heated pool can potentially yield positive health benefits.

However, because of the electrical heating elements needed to maintain the perfect temperature, heated pools are very costly.

Well, that used to be true. Now, with the advent of high-efficiency thermal solar heating systems, owning and operating a heated pool is no longer the expensive endeavor it once was. Why is this? It’s because a traditional, electrically-heated pool has to incorporate two major costs, both initial and ongoing: equipment and power/gas consumption. The hardware requirements for an electrically-heated pool are much costlier than what the average rooftop-mounted thermal solar system would cost, and because thermal solar relies on heat from the sun to warm the water, there aren’t huge ongoing power consumption costs to worry about.

To further the latter point, the US Department of Energy has estimated that for every single degree you raise the temperature in your pool with an old-fashioned electrical or gas system, your consumption of electricity or gas rises 10-30%. You shouldn’t have to take such a hard financial hit just to enjoy the benefits of a heated pool. Urban Solar can help to make your dream of having a comfortable, rejuvenating heated pool a money-saving reality.
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