Why the Urban Solar 6-Step Process Is Superior

February 5, 2018

In the past 20 years, solar power generation has seen a remarkable rise in use for both residential and commercial applications. More and more, solar power consultants, installers and brokers have sprung up in an attempt to capture as much of this burgeoning market as possible. What this has meant for consumers is more variety in the providers they can choose from; however, it has also created some confusion. Where should a home or business owner look for honest, reputable help in designing a solar power system? And, what separates the good solar integrators from the not-so-good?


Urban Solar is completely unique among solar power installers for many reasons. Chief among those reasons is the 6-step process that we use to ensure that every solar power project we complete is successful, affordable and finished according to schedule. Our 6-step process is what separates Urban Solar from the myriad of other solar power companies all vying for your solar power dollar.


So, what is the 6-step process? Well, it all starts with a consultation. During this step, we visit your home or business, sit down with you and discuss your needs along with matching solutions. After the consultation, we move on to the design and permitting step. Here, we put together the bill of materials for your complete solar power system, as well as provide you with documentation you may need for submission to an HOA or other permitting agency. Once this step is complete, Urban Solar selects resources needed for your project. This includes the panels, wiring, inverters and all related hardware.


Once the resources are selected, we can manage and construct your new solar power system. This is the ‘fun’ part – you get to watch in real time as everything is installed exactly according to plan. After this step is complete, it’s time to connect to a utility. This involves working with the power company to make sure power can flow both ways and you can be credited for power generated by your solar system that you do not use. The final step is ongoing monitoring of the new system, to ensure that no unforeseen issues spring up.


As you can see, Urban Solar has a very regimented, disciplined approach to serving our customers. Why not take action today and contact us about a completely free energy assessment? You can learn how much you could save on your energy costs after answering just a few basic questions. Get in touch with us and let’s start the dialog today!