What is Enphase Enlighten, and Why Does It Matter?

August 27, 2019

Enlighten from Enphase is, simply put, the world’s most advanced solar monitoring tool.

This powerful solar monitoring solution has revolutionized the way that commercial and residential solar power systems are monitored, providing operational data and predictive maintenance information to those who need it in real-time.

To truly appreciate the value of the Enlighten solar monitoring solution, let’s look at the most useful key features of it.



MyEnlighten from Enphase is a web-based application that allows solar power system owners to log in and remotely monitor their solar power production system. This incredible tool is accessible using most common web browsers, and it can be installed as an app for mobile devices.

What users love most about MyEnlighten are:

  • At-a-glance system status. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a solar power engineer to make sense of the energy production data that is provided by MyEnlighten. The user interface makes it easy to see what’s happening with your solar system quickly and conveniently, without having to click through a series of complicated screens.
  • Historical production data. The integrated data historian that is a component part of MyEnlighten keeps track of previous days, weeks, and months energy production and usage, giving you deep insights into where exactly your power is coming from, where it’s going, and when.
  • Easy-to-read charts and trendlines. When the software engineers at Enphase were designing MyEnlighten, they knew it had to be simple in order to be useful. The data within the software is easy to make sense of, and users love the clean, efficient layout.

Aside from these key features, what provides the highest amount of value of solar power system owners and operators is the knowledge that if and when something goes wrong, they’re going to know about it as soon as it happens.

That’s because solar power generation systems designed by Urban Solar are engineered with remote monitoring in mind. We use advanced technology and the latest tools to bring Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) directly to your fingertips.

Using these KPI’s, you can view real-time production of power as the sun shines, and you’ll be made aware of any issue as soon as it happens.


Enphase Enlighten Manager

Enphase Enlighten Manager is Enphase’s remote monitoring system developed specifically for solar power professionals who are responsible for the upkeep of multiple arrays.

Using the same clean, easy-to-use application interface found in MyEnglighten, the Enlighten Manager offers a comprehensive portal into the functioning of a virtually unlimited number of solar cells. The performance of multiple sites is also supported, giving operations managers everything they need to monitor their systems in one place.

With Enphase Enlighten Manager, solar power fleet management has never been easier.


The Power of The Enphase/Urban Solar Partnership

At Urban Solar, we’re dedicated to making solar power accessible, simple, and effective for every customer, whether residential or commercial. To learn more about how we can put Enphase’s Enlighten product to work for you, contact us today.