What’s So Great about the Tesla Powerwall?

February 8, 2020

For residential and light commercial solar power generation solutions, power storage has always been important for overall system efficiency.

With the more modern solar systems of today, production capacities have risen sharply with the release of more and more efficient panels, inverters, and other hardware.

This increase in electrical output from solar power generation systems has prompted the development of a new generation of batteries. These batteries are highly specialized for regular charge/discharge cycles, and they’re built to accommodate the ever-changing demands of solar power infrastructure.

Among this new breed of battery is the Tesla Powerwall, a remarkable electricity storage product that has completely changed the face of solar power.

What is the Powerwall?

Simply put, the Tesla Powerwall is a revolution in energy storage.

It’s a wall-mounted solar power battery that can be used as the sole source of whole-home electricity—even in pitch darkness. This kind of utility for a battery has been unheard of until now. It’s taken the hard work and focus of Tesla’s top engineers to finally reach a point where the Powerwall can now be brought to market.

This battery can, in many cases, eliminate the need for excess solar-generated power to be sent back to the grid. So, instead of being forced to sell their solar power back to the energy company, consumers can simply store it in their Powerwall for later use.

The Tesla Powerwall isn’t just a standalone battery, either. When combined with the Tesla power management app, the Powerwall becomes an effective energy monitor that delivers real-time power consumption data directly to any smart device through an internet connection.

Where Can You Get One?

Here’s the best part about the Tesla Powerwall—you can get one from Urban Solar!

And, we’ll even provide expert installation of your new Powerwall, making sure you’re getting the most out of your renewable energy investment.

To learn more about the Tesla Powerwall, visit our product page here. Or, if you’re ready to receive a quote for your very own Tesla Powerwall, contact us today.