Will 2020 Be Your Year to Go Solar?

December 28, 2019

2019 is fast coming to a close. At Urban Solar, we’re taking a moment to reflect on the past year, taking note of the accomplishments we’ve had and the successes we’re proud of.

There are a lot of great stories from 2019. We’ve been a part of numerous high-profile solar power projects, and we’re especially excited about what 2020 has in store for us.

As we shift our focus to the coming year, we want to know what your plans are for going solar in 2020. Do you have an existing solar power system that you’ve been considering expanding? Or, are you a complete newbie when it comes to solar, and you’re thinking about making your first foray into renewable energy?

Whichever the case may be, Urban Solar is your go-to resource for every aspect of commercial or residential solar power system design, installation, and repair.

The Top 3 Reasons to Go Solar in 2020

Advancements in solar power equipment manufacturing have made going solar incredibly inexpensive, especially compared to the state of the solar power industry just ten years ago.

However, cost-effectiveness isn’t the only reason to embark on a new solar power project in 2020.

#1: Solar power equipment lets you say goodbye to crazy energy bills.

By investing up-front in the energy-producing power of solar panels, you’re starting down a road of freedom from high electricity bills. In as few as just ten years, many solar power systems can wind up paying for themselves in energy savings alone, not to mention the enhanced value they add to the property they’re installed onto.

Which brings us to…

#2: Solar power equipment enhances property value.

If a high-efficiency solar power system is professionally installed on a commercial or residential building, you can be sure that the value of that property will reflect this enhancement.

The exact amount of property appreciation varies building-to-building, but the addition almost always adds a sizeable sum to the overall value of the home or business.

#3: Solar power solutions create jobs in a sustainable, environmentally friendly industry.

Reason number three to go solar in 2020 happens to be our favorite. We love watching this industry thrive with every solar panel we install. Don’t you want your electricity to come from a source that is renewable, healthy for the environment, and sustainable over the long term?

No matter what your outlook for 2020 is like, we hope it involves solar in some capacity (no pun intended on solar power storage!).

If you’d like to obtain a free energy assessment from Urban Solar—and find out exactly how much you could save in going solar in the coming year—contact us today.