The 3 Most Common Questions Customers Ask Us

May 25, 2017

At Urban Solar, not only are we committed to providing great customer service and high-quality solar system installations; we also educate our customers before they buy, so they can make the most informed decision possible. This means having factual, honest discussions that address all of our customers’ questions, as simple or basic as they may seem. In the blog post for this week, we’re going to single out the top three most common questions we get from new customers. These questions are great primers for a more in-depth foray into solar, and we’re by your side with all of the professional help and expertise you need.

Question #1: How much does solar power cost?

Answer: This is a bit of a loaded question, because it hinges on multiple factors. If a home or building is currently using grid-sourced electricity provided by a municipal power company, then the price paid per kilowatt hour is going to be in line with whatever the market will bear in that area. Adding solar to a home that is located in an area with high levels of sunlight will result in more cost savings over time, meaning that the net cost of the system will be lower. Even considering these variables, it can be safely said that solar power can cost as little as half of what would be paid for grid-sourced electricity.

Question #2: Where is solar power stored?

Answer: It may seem like an easy answer just to say, “batteries”, but that wouldn’t be entirely correct. You see, most solar systems don’t store electricity in batteries because the power is used on-demand as needed. If it isn’t needed, it’s ‘sold’ back to the power company in exchange for bill credits. Then, during times of peak usage (in the evenings, for example), the power can be purchased at a cut rate. So, even though batteries can be used, they rarely are.

Question #3: What equipment is required?

Answer: A typical solar installation will require at least two main categories of hardware: solar panels (also known as PV panels) and inverters. The solar panels we use are manufactured by a company called Q Cells, and you can learn more about them here. Paired with those cells are inverters manufactured by Enphase. Depending on the size of the overall system, the size and quantities of required hardware will vary.
You probably have more questions than just these – and we’re here to help answer them! Contact us today to learn more about harnessing the sun for your benefit. We make it easy with our completely free energy assessment!