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With the costs of electricity continuing to rise, there’s never been a better or more affordable time to make the switch. With Urban Solar, the savings are clear — you can make the switch to solar today without spending a penny, while reducing your home or business’s carbon footprint, and enjoying other amazing benefits including lower utility costs, federal tax credits and increased property of business value.

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A partner to help you scale and meet growing demand.
  • Fast Pay
  • Speed of Installation
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Experienced Accuracy
  • Sales Support
  • high inspection pass rate
  • training program
  • dedicated pms
  • relationship-based
  • proprietary process
  • ethical standards
  • competitive pricing for greater commissions
  • Dedicated Customer Service Dept
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Fast Pay

We won’t ever hold your payment unnecessarily. We pay fast, via ACH, upon passing final inspection.


We want all of our installers to have the tools and training needed to be successful and always stay ahead of the curve.


We offer real-time support from dedicated project managers and our service team. You are never left alone, because we’re always here to help.

Work Volume

There is no shortage of work. We keep you as busy as you want to be, so you can grow your business with us.


Our streamlined process ensures you’re never left without what you need to complete a job. All job-site docs are double-checked for accuracy, so you won’t run into issues on the roof.



For this project, we overcame regulatory hurdles by utilizing Enphase’s net-zero-export, micro-inverter...


Sunstreet Mirada

We partnered with developer Lennar Homes and their subdivision, SunStreet (recently acquired...


Fort Lauderdale Residence

This beautiful waterfront property boasts a gorgeous 11 kW system that was...

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