5 Questions to Ask a Solar Power System Salesperson

February 7, 2017

Before agreeing to sign on the dotted line committing you to a costly solar power generation system, it only makes sense to make sure that you’ve done exhaustive research on the provider who will be doing the labor to install your new system. Urban Solar wants every customer to have the most ideal experience before, during and after a solar power system installation, which is why we’re prepared to answer even the most difficult questions from potential customers. In fact, we’re even supplying this list to you, the prospective customer, so that you can do your research not just on us, but on anyone you might consider for this project.

Here are five of the best questions to ask anyone who you are evaluating as a potential installer or supplier of a new solar power generation system for your home or business:

How long will the installation take? If a potential installer cannot answer this question even after looking at your home, it’s a bad sign.

Can I get a quote without committing to buy? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to know beforehand how much your installation will cost, before committing.

Will the work meet all required building and fire codes? This is particularly important for commercial customers to ask.

Can I see some customer references and/or referrals? If a solar installer or supplier cannot provide this, run for the hills.

What is the training provided to your installers? Also ask if there are any master electricians on staff or as part of the design team.

Relying on this short list will provide you with a great start as you navigate your way through the various installers and suppliers that might work with you to commission your new solar power system. If you have some questions for us, we’d be glad to answer them! Simply contact us today, and while doing so, ask about a completely free energy assessment for your home or business.