When it comes to choosing the best solar battery for your solar energy system, there are several factors to consider. Between comparing solar power battery storage systems, as well as the different types of solar batteries available, it can be somewhat overwhelming trying to sift through all of the options. Two of the most important things that homeowners and business owners need to think about when evaluating their solar battery options is how long the solar battery will last and how much power it can provide.

At Urban Solar, we make it our business to educate potential clients on the criteria that should be considered when looking for the best solar battery for their residential or commercial property. Our team of energy experts is constantly on the cutting edge of renewable energy advancements and strives to make solar energy accessible and affordable to everyone. As one of the most innovative South Florida solar companies, we are dedicated to providing the most technologically advanced renewable energy options available and we will guide our clients through choosing the solar systems and battery storage options that work best for their needs.

How To Compare Your Solar Energy Storage Options

For property owners deciding to choose a solar storage system that fits their energy needs, there may be a lot of complicated product specifications. For solar batteries, the most important specifications to pay close attention to are the battery’s capacity and power rating, round-trip efficiency, warranty, and manufacturer.

Capacity and Power Rating

Capacity is the total amount of electricity that a solar battery can store, which is measured in kilowatt hours. A battery’s capacity tells us how big the battery actually is. Most solar energy storage systems are designed to include multiple batteries for extra capacity. A battery’s power rating tells us how much electricity that battery can provide at any given moment and is measured in kilowatts. A battery with a high capacity and a lower power rating would provide a low amount of electricity that could power home appliances for a long time. A battery with a low capacity and a high power rating could run an entire home but only for a few hours.

Depth of Discharge (DoD)

The depth of discharge refers to the amount of a battery’s capacity that has been used. When we know how much of a battery’s capacity has been used then we also know the amount of capacity that is left. All batteries need extra power reserves for safety and if a solar battery uses 100% of its capacity, then it cannot provide enough energy for instances when your home uses more electricity. Depending on the kind of battery, a high DoD can shorten a battery’s lifespan since more of its energy is being used, meaning you may have to pay more for energy storage. Most manufacturers will specify a maximum DoD on their solar batteries for optimal performance.

Round-Trip Efficiency

A battery’s round-trip efficiency is the amount of energy that can be used as a percentage of the amount of energy it took to store it. A higher round-trip efficiency means you will get more economic value out of your battery.

Battery Life & Warranty

Throughout the day, a solar battery will go through a cycle of charging and draining. As a battery gets older and is used for a longer period of time, its ability to hold a charge will gradually decrease as compared to when it was newer. Every solar battery will have a warranty that guarantees a certain amount of cycles or years of useful life. Many manufacturers will also guarantee that a battery keeps a certain amount of capacity over the course of the warranty.  

Solar Battery Manufacturer

Solar power is becoming extremely popular and many different types of companies ranging from automotive manufacturers to tech startups are developing and manufacturing solar battery products. When it comes to solar batteries, a company like a startup may have a brand-new, high-performing technology but not the longevity of a larger, more well-known manufacturer. Whether you choose a battery manufactured by a cutting-edge startup or a well-known automotive company with a long-standing history depends on your priorities.

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