3 Common Solar Power Questions

March 14, 2018

We’re always interacting with customers of all sizes and in all situations, from larger corporations looking to install solar panels on their commercial facilities to small, single-family homeowners who are trying to determine if solar panels could help with their electricity bill. Among all of the customers we deal with, there are questions that come up related to the installation process, the cost, and the expected return on the solar investment.


To address these questions, we typically need to understand more about the customer first, so that our answers are as relevant as possible. That said, we can still address a few of the most common questions we get, here in this week’s blog post.


Question #1: Are all solar panels the same?  


Answer: No. Some solar panels are engineered to work better in lower light conditions, and yet other solar panels are only suitable for specific mounting options. Also, the PV cell construction can be different, with some solar panels relying on silicon as the energy producing medium and others using different materials.


Question #2: Do solar panels have to be installed on a roof?


Answer: No. Some solar panel sites are free-standing structures that rely on steel bases and angle-corrected brackets to take full advantage of the most amount of sunlight possible. Even though roofs typically provide the most sensible locations for most solar panels, there are other mounting solutions available.


Question #3: Is solar power generation equipment expensive?


Answer: The answer to this question depends on two variables – first, your budget; second, your existing energy bill. If you do some basic math related to how much money you spend every month on your electricity bills, you can arrive at a general idea about how long a solar power system will take to pay for itself.


Have a question of your own you’d like to ask? Great! We love educating our customers about solar power. We believe that a better-informed customer is going to make better decisions for themselves, resulting in higher levels of overall satisfaction in the long-term.


If you are ready to get started on having your own energy assessment performed by one of our solar experts, then contact us today.