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Save money with huge returns and simple payment options.

Besides environmental benefits, solar power offers endless financial benefits. Did you know that no money is required from your business when switching to solar? You can start the process today and experience instant monthly and yearly savings. Most customers earn up to a 20% return on cash invested, with some paybacks as soon as four years in!


Your business’s committed partner for solar technology.

We’re constantly on the cutting edge of emerging solar energy advancements. From more discrete and efficient panel designs to rechargeable battery back-ups that can store power for later use, Urban Solar is always looking for new ways to improve the lives of our customers. We have a dedicated team of specialists to consult and advise you throughout the installation process...and beyond. No matter the size or scope of your project, Urban Solar can provide a customized solar-power solution.

Transparent and Professional

Owner, Florida (Fort Lauderdale)

"We have multiple facilities throughout Florida, and we really wanted to find a solar contractor that would help us realize our renewable goals. After visiting several companies, we decided to go with Urban Solar. They have lived up to their promises, and were transparent and professional throughout the several projects we've completed with them so far. We look forward to continuing to work with Urban Solar as we expand our solar program."

Refreshing Experience

Facilities Manager, Florida (Doral)

"Working with Urban Solar has been a refreshing experience. They arrived when they were supposed to, made sure we were aware of everything happening on site that day, implemented their own safety plans, and were friendly to work with. As a facilities manager, I highly recommend working with Urban Solar if you plan to add solar to your commercial property."

Clean Installation

General Contractor, Florida (Fort Lauderdale)

"As a general contractor, we are always working with different trades, and some are easier than others. Solar is new to a lot of people, but Urban Solar made it easy for my team and the property owner to understand the process. The 250 kW system we installed is operating as expected and as described by Urban Solar. We're very happy with the clean installation and highly recommend Urban Solar."

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