Finland Shows Us Just How Far Solar Heating Can Go

June 26, 2017

A new research finding released by Aalto University reveals the potential for solar heating to address the home heating needs of Finland residents, to the tune of 80% of all heating costs. Given the right technology and suitability of the homes to be outfitted with solar, researchers believe that using solar heating systems to offset peak power consumption – particularly during colder months – could yield unprecedented savings for homeowners.


The lowest figure cited is 53%, meaning that even in the worst case, more than half of all the expenses related to heating homes in Finland can theoretically be eliminated with the installation of solar heating systems.


This new finding is a continuation of a trend we’re seeing here in the United States, too. While we don’t have as much snow or frigid temperatures as Finland does, our challenges are very similar. We’re trying to move away from traditional, ‘fossil’ fuels as sources of the energy we consume, and we’re trying to move toward a more sustainable, renewable energy ecosystem (of which solar will be only one component).


Finland is an ideal place to integrate solar heating in particular, because direct sunlight is plentiful even during months when temperatures drop well below freezing. Taking advantage of this unique climatology spells success for Finlanders, however you look at it.


For us, the lesson we can learn is that there has never been a better time to leverage the power of solar heating. The concept is incredibly simple, and only involves a few steps:


  1. Contain the heat from sunlight in temperature-suitable storage (solar collectors, holding tanks).
  2. Maintain heated storage until peak demand.
  3. Use the heat from the day’s sunlight to heat the building when the sun is down or obstructed by cloud cover.


Even though the physics involved in solar heating may seem simple, the systems themselves and how they’re installed requires extensive knowledge and expertise. That is where Urban Solar comes in. What’s more, you don’t have to live in Finland to begin taking advantage of solar heating technology within your own home or business. To get the conversation started and for a complimentary energy assessment, contact us today.