What is an Energy Assessment?

July 3, 2017

Residential homes and commercial properties alike both have structural features and uses that make them completely unique. In fact, no two buildings have an identical energy ‘footprint’, because energy use, distribution throughout the building and occupancy all factor into the equation.


This is why energy assessments are so useful – they inform the property owner about their current situation regarding energy use and some of the areas where improvement could be considered. Among the many factors that are taken into account when performing an energy assessment, Urban Solar evaluates the following:


  • Home or business location. Is it in a place where direct sunlight is available and fairly consistent? Even if it isn’t, there are likely still energy solutions that could save thousands of dollars over the long term.
  • Age of the building and its existing infrastructure. It’s important to understand the kind of wiring and electrical components that may already be in place within the building. This will help to determine the kind of solar system that the building can benefit from the most.
  • Current energy consumption. How much power is being used within this property? What are the peak consumption times, and what appliance-level electronics are responsible for most of the consumption?
  • Existing energy cost. How much is being paid per kilowatt hour, today? How much does this fluctuate throughout the day, week, month and year?
  • Owner budget. A lot goes into designing and installing a safe, reliable solar power system. Part of the conversation will involve cost, including financing options and ongoing power management as part of a predictable monthly expense.


Because so much is involved throughout the process, Urban Solar is staffed by knowledgeable professionals who know the right questions to ask so that the best solution is provided. Expertise is often cited as the number one reason why our customers seek us out – word of mouth is a very powerful thing.


Keep in mind that in obtaining an energy assessment from Urban Solar, you’re paying absolutely nothing, and you’re not obligated to spend anything at any time. The purpose of the assessment is to make you aware of your options and to give you a clearer picture of how solar power may work for you. To get started on the energy assesment process, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!