Is There an Ideal Time of the Year to Install Solar Panels?

July 12, 2019

If you’ve been thinking about adding a solar power generation system to your home or commercial building, you might have thought about when might be the best time to pull the trigger.

As with many other industries, the solar power industry does have ‘active’ seasons wherein installation projects spike and the Urban Solar technicians are especially busy. However, when there aren’t active installation projects going on, our team still stays busy by planning field visits, conducting energy assessments (more on that in a minute), and educating customers about the benefits of solar power.

Solar Power for All Seasons

A common misconception is that solar panels don’t work during cloudier seasons or when sunlight isn’t directly hitting the panels. So, it might make sense to think that having your solar system installed in the spring would be ideal.

The reality is that virtually all solar panels are designed to make the most out of every photon that hits the panel. This ‘design for efficiency’ means that the solar panel will continue to produce electrical power even when sunlight conditions are not ideal. So, waiting until Spring to get going on a solar project just because summer is around the corner isn’t necessarily logical.

When it comes to installing a solar PV system, what’s more important than the time of the year is the timing of the project for the customer. A lot of factors come into play when choosing the right time to install solar, including:

  • Other renovations or repair projects that might be going on
  • Budget
  • Work, family, and travel schedules
  • Owner availability
  • Urban Solar’s installation technician availability
  • Available inventory of panels, inverters, wiring, and other hardware (time may be needed to order required equipment)

So, while there are more ‘active’ seasons for the solar power industry as a whole, the answer to the question, “What time of the year is best to install solar?” is whenever it works best for the customer.

Will 2019 Be Your Year for Solar?

Want to learn more about the timeline involved in having a customized solar power generation system designed, installed, and commissioned by the experts at Urban Solar? Contact us today, and inquire about a free energy assessment. During this assessment, we’ll evaluate your building for solar, answering all of your questions along the way.

Get in touch with the solar power professionals at Urban Solar, and find out just how beneficial solar can be for your home or business.