“Solarize” Trend Comes to Camino Gardens

February 11, 2016

There’s a wave of cooperative solar power programs that is currently sweeping the nation – it’s called “Solarizing”, and the idea behind it just might change the way communities work together to integrate solar power.

Even though the return on a solar power investment may seem obvious, many candidates for solar are still apprehensive about commissioning their first solar power system. The reasons may include lack of understanding of solar power technology, worries about maintenance or quality of work, or simply cost. Each of these concerns can now be directly addressed via solarizing campaigns.


By hosting meetings located in the heart of the communities being targeted, solarizing programs bring consumers together to educate them on the process involved in adding solar power to their existing electrical power system. Prospective customers can ask questions, obtain panel sizing recommendations and learn more about the long-term value solar can add to their homes. Gaining a good understanding of solar power as a technology helps ensure buyers are making an informed decision.

These informative community meetings also address the government programs available to incentivize consumers. One example is the current offer of 30% in federal tax credits available until the end of 2016.

Collaborative Buying Power

By participating in the solarize program, potential solar customers in Camino Gardens could receive up to 20% off their solar project if the overall community target of 150 kW is reached. This discount level is considered the fourth tier, and there are still discounts available for kW goal totals of 25 kW and 75 kW.

The solar power experts at Urban Solar are committed to the success of the Camino Gardens solarization program. But in order to realize savings like this, Camino Gardens residents need to act by April 15, 2016. It’s the perfect opportunity to get engaged in solar and watch as your community is empowered with ongoing savings on electricity bills.