The Benefits Of Solar Power

December 14, 2015

These days, so many people are switching to solar energy to power their homes. Here are some of the reasons why:

1-   Clean Energy

Solar power creates electricity without the production of global warming pollution, which threatens human life and other life on earth. In order to save our planet and environment, we need to lower the greenhouse gases that we produce. One way to do so is by using solar power as an alternative source of energy. Below is a chart to show you the increase in average global temperature (in the next 100 years), with 8 alternative power sources:

clean solar graph

2-   Saving Money

Going solar can save you thousands of dollars every year. In the early 2000’s, solar panel prices were twice as high as they are today and in 2008, the prices were about 80% higher than they are today, but now, prices are lower than ever. Solar power is one of the cheapest sources of energy. Over a 20 year savings period the savings for Americans who used solar panels in 2011 had savings over $20,000. In the larger populated states like California, New York and Florida, the savings were over $30,000 and in Hawaii, the savings were more than $65,000!

Also, if global warming is left untreated, we are looking at costs in the trillions of dollars, so by using more solar power it will help society save on this expense.

3-   Solar Power Provides Independency

Once you install solar panels on your roof, it’s all yours. No one can possibly cut your supply from the sun. And it cannot be bought or monopolized. You can live off the grid.

4-   Solar Power Creates More Jobs

It was found that solar power investments create two to three times more jobs than investments in other energy sources like coal and natural gas. Here’s a chart reflecting this finding:

Solar Job Creation

5-   Solar Power Is Sustainable

Of course, an abundant and renewable energy source will be sustainable but it meets the present needs without doubting the ability to meet the needs of the next generations to come. No matter how much solar we use, we will never over-consume.

6-   Water Efficient and Saver

What you may not know is that one of the global warming consequences is the increasing occurrence of drought. There’s even the possibility of the Colorado River drying up! Nuclear and coal power plants use huge amounts of water, and a good thing to know about solar is that it hardly uses any water. Solar power uses 21 times less water than nuclear power and 16 times less water than coal power.

7-   Solar Power Has Many Applications

From heating water for cooking to heating water in swimming pools or from solar pumps to solar cars, and even lighting for remote and space applications. Solar power offers a variety of applications.

8-   Shared Solar

Now even the houses that are unfit for a solar installation on their roof can get solar power. “Solarize Community Projects” can now provide solar power to these houses.