What to Look for in a Solar Power Installer

September 15, 2016

As someone interested in adding the value of solar power to your home or business, you’re doing your due diligence by evaluating the offerings and pedigree of every solar installer that services your area. This includes checking for a solid track record and obtaining the most accurate customer reviews about the provider. But, is there more you should be thinking about beyond just what reviews tell you?

Obviously we’re going to come off as a bit biased here, but hang with us. Because we’re genuinely interested in seeing each and every one of our customers get the most out of their solar power systems, we put their results first. So, when we look at our history of satisfied customers, we can start to identity some key indicators about what makes a solar system a success or not:

  • Was the work completed within budget?
  • Were there extended deadlines due to workmanship?
  • Was the customer happy with the ongoing updates they received?
  • Has the grid-sourced power consumption dropped as much as the customer had hoped?
  • Would the customer provide a glowing referral for us if asked?

This is just a short list of questions that we ask upon completion of any business or residential solar power system installation. If there are any opportunities for improvement, we immediately make note of them and then take actionable steps to integrate changes into our business.

So as you continue on your task of evaluating solar power installers, keep in mind that at Urban Solar, we put the expectations of the customer first, even if that means we have to put our bottom line second. If you want the best the industry can provide, contact us today and inquire about our completely free energy assessment.