Our 6-Step Approach to Your Solar Project

August 6, 2019

At Urban Solar, we pride ourselves on providing value for our customers throughout the entire solar power project timeline. Depending on the complexity involved in your specific project, the timeline could be measured in days, weeks, or even months. In any event, we want to make sure that every step along the way is efficient, transparent, and in-line with your goals.

So, what is the 6-step approach we take to solar power project management? Outlined below, we’re describing each step with an explanation of why we conduct our business in this way.

Step 1: Project Development

During step one, our solar power experts work with you to determine the scope of your project, getting clarity on what is going to be required for the overall project to be a success. This step is crucial for framing the rest of the steps and ensuring budgets, timeline, and expectations are all set.

Step 2: Design and Permitting

When we’re in the provide design and permitting phase, we’re laying the groundwork for the physical installation. This involves developing schematics and ensuring construction codes are met.

Step 3: Procurement

Procurement is just a fancy term for buying things. All solar power systems require an investment into physical hardware, and during the procurement stage, all of the necessary materials are ordered.

Step 4: Management and Construction

This is where the rubber meets the road. During step four, we manage the actual buildout of the solar power system, conducting quality assurance checks at steady intervals along the way.

Step 5: Utility Connection

After everything has been purchased and installed, it’s time to connect the new power source to the grid. This is done to make sure that power is always available and that any excess power generated by the solar power system can be sold back to the utility provider.

Step 6: Monitoring

This is where a lot of other companies just pack up and head out. We don’t. At Urban Solar, we maintain an ongoing vigil to ensure that there are no surprises in the functioning of the newly commissioned solar power system. If something does require our attention, we take action immediately, giving you peace of mind.

Tying It All Together

It’s been our experience that this method of managing solar power projects results in the highest success rate for most customers. In our multiple decades of being in business, we have found what works best, and our long list of completed projects speaks for itself.

Curious about how Urban Solar can put our 6-step approach to work for you? Contact us today, and learn more about our completely free energy assessment.